Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What I Have Brought

It's 8:30 am and I just finished some work, so time to de-work.

Here's what I've got with me on this fine library day:

1. My English 150 folder with all the papers, brochures and revisions that I needed to grade (Check one). I wish I hadn't also brought the papers that are in there for next semester. Dead weight. Well prepared, but dead weight.

2. My laptop (obviously). This is probably the most useful thing I've got with me and my easiest way to "interact with the outside world" so to speak. I'm looking forward to writing things, checking email, entering grades, etc, etc.

3. Six Powerbars. This is probably excessive, but one does want provisionary rations, in case someone comes to visit or something. I haven't had one yet--I had a couple of apricots for breakfast and Powerbars, actually, are kind of gross. Discrete, but gross.

4. A plastic bag of books. This seems a little silly in retrospect--I mean what's at the library if not books? Luckily some of these are library books and once I scrape what I need from these tomes, back they go, catch and release. Still, my favorite Russian textbook and my BSC book are probably excessive to what I need.

5. My wallet. I'll need my ID card to check things out and if I really want to avoid Powerbars, I hear there's a vending machine hidden on the top floor.

6. Some notebooks. Although, I wish I had brought some loose-leaf paper or tear-out notebooks so I can write and throw away things that don't matter. Also, a little plain white paper would be nice if I decide to get all art-y.

7. My headphones. Very useful thus far for listening to podcasts and music without annoying peace-loving library patrons.

8. Some makeup and toothpaste. It is, afterall, the library, not the desert on a horse with no name. There are civilized people here.

That's it. I hope it's not tedious to carry around whenever I move base camps. I wonder if they have temporary lockers you can rent for one day...I think I've seen them by the geneology section..


Chris said...

Did you ever read "The Things They Carried"? It's been a long time since I read it, but this reminds me of that. Maybe I'll bring you by some granola bars. Less gross, though perhaps less intensely nutritious.

mlh said...

I liked that book a lot. Except the ear necklace....[shudder].

Jennifer said...

There are multiple vending machines on the top floor in the employee breakroom. There's an frozen foods one, the usual candy one, and one of those special rotating-rack BYU ones with apples and sandwiches and whatnot. In the battle against writer's block, few things are as potent as those English toffee ice cream bars. Yum!

Jennifer said...

"An frozen foods one"? Aiya, that's just shameful. If only it was from diligent Japanese study...sigh.

Makayla said...

Wasn't it a tongue necklace?