Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trashy Non-Fiction

6:28 pm

I have cheerfully moved into that phase of Librarathon known as Trashy Non-Fiction from the Sampler Section. Teachers of troubled students, psychologists of messed up kids, anorexic alcoholics, all those people whose lives sound like daytime television.

It's a lovely phase to be in. I should do something intellectual, like studying Russian (I did bring my textbook all this way, didn't I?) or working on my papers, or at least physical, like walking up and down some stairs--I feel like my legs are beginning to atrophy.

Still, reading these books is educational, right? Read, that's what the poster at the public library says. Besides, how is spending two or three hours reading less-than-high-literature any worse than watching TV for two or three hours (which, come to think of it, I rather did earlier today, didn't I?)

I always have these high expectations of Librarathon: papers I'll write, topics I'll study, insights I'll have. But really, just because I'm at the library doesn't mean I can't space off a little.

Or a lot.

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