Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sarah, now I'm crow-eating.

I must admit, I started Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphosis skeptically, probably because I made the mistake of paying too close of attention to the stage directions and stage directions always seem a little, I don't know, snobby and controlling. I even started to bristle at the Midas as Evil Rich Man because, afterall, it is the Evil Rich Man who supports the arts, isn't it? But I now agree with you that this is a fabulous play.

1. Fun with form, especially the narration/chorus type thing, which I bet you are using in your poetry, aren't you? Aren't you?

2. It was sweet. Tender, you know.

Thank you for lending it to me.

I may bring it in, if you'll lend it to me again, when I take the Classics course this year.

To all else, I recommend it. And that's quite the change.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is the First Entry

I hope that it fulfills all your expectations.

Glad I finally got around to doing this.

More later.

Much more.