Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Representative Women

Mormon women's history moment of the day. I'll photoshop myself in later.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Too Old for This [Stuff]

One of the social inventions of the last twenty years has been the quarter-life crisis. As education before career takes longer, living with parents becomes more common, and our society continues to prolong adolescence, those of us heading up on twenty-five start to realize...what the heck have I even done with my life? There are some people my age with careers. Some people with families. Some people have careers and families. I have...a series of interesting experiences. I have only semi-direction in my life.

So now I'm trying to figure out how formal I want to make this crisis. Right now, I'm kind of even thinking about throwing a quarter-life crisis party in August (everyone wears businesswear and we watch My Dinner with Andre?). Right now, though, I'm still taking suggestions. One suggestion comes from watching How I Met Your Mother with Jen B. By which I mean The Murtaugh List.

Those of you unfamiliar with the episode/Lethal Weapon movies may not be aware of the catch phrase "I'm too old for this [stuff]" that the grizzled old Danny Glover character mutters through waaay too many sequels. So here's the beginning of my "I'm Too Old for This" list.

The Murtaugh List:

-Wearing backpacks to school on a regular basis
-Complaining about people not doing the dishes
-Leaving the house disheveled and in sweats
- Blowing bubbles/snapping gum in public
- Junk food binges
- novelty pens
- watching the Disney channel/Cartoon Network (adult swim excluded)
- passing notes in church


Please feel free to argue, suggest additional items or otherwise give me direction, but think about it before you make a knee-jerk "But Rainbow Bride dolls are totally workforce appropriate."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm in 17th Grade, but I Read at a 8th Grade Level!

Having always wanted, but never read Philip Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I shuffled off to my local Amazon.com and ordered


book. Oh, what a fool I was! Six weeks later, I open it up and say, "Wow! This is a lot shorter than I remembered. Oh well." and started flipping through it. "Neat! Pictures!" How cool and graphic-novel-y and post-modern. After the first chapter it dawned on me.

Nuts! I ordered the junior-high progressing-readers adaption! That's not to say, however, that I stopped reading. Something satisfying in reading a book in 2 hours. Still, I feel like I got the cliffnotes version. It probably lost a lot in dumbing it down (oh PLEASE tell me it was dumbed down), but it's a nice engaging story. In fact, this is probably a nice middle ground between cliffnotes and actually reading the thing. Junior high rocks!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Now You Know It's Possible...

I finished Robinson's Home, which has a nice, sad, hopeful, sort of melancholy ending and headed off to bed.

Then I started thinking melancholy thoughts.

Then I started thinking melancholy thoughts about myself.

Then I felt really sad.

Then my stomach began aching and I felt a little nauseated, so I got up for lemonade and crackers.

I've managed to worry myself sick! (Unless I sicked myself worried, because some sort of cold is also going around.)