Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lamer than a cool construction paper invite

Halloween Party

My parents' place
7:00 pm- ?

Costumes welcome.

Sorry that it's lame, but I haven't really been able to make the cool invites that I'd like because the date didn't get scheduled for far too long. Hope you can come. If you can't, call and be there in spirit!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mary Needs to Get Out and About More

So in direct contradiction of beginning-of-school daily goal number 1, I find that I am least effective as an academic producer between the hours of two and four or five (the infamous after-school) hours). So I've been fudging a little (c'mon, I have two night classes--two!) and watching Monday afternoon movies.

A'right, yeah. I've been blown away by every movie Netflix has sent me of late. I'm trying to catch up on the movies I missed on my mission. First I saw The Prestige and let me illustrate:

This is my mind: _ _ _ _ _ _

This is my mind after watching The Prestige: *!&^*#!!

Not that I'm full of expletives, but that sucka blew my mind! I spent the next couple of days just thinking (A) I will never find myself in a distructive competitive trap that will destroy both my competition and myself and (B) how did they do that? Very high "whoa" factor.

Then I thought watching The Queen would be nice and sedate. Nope. Whoa again, my friends, whoa again. I'm totally blown away at the complexities of public and private, especially since I've been reading a bit about a theorist named Habermas (check out his photo--he must have bought in to the Flock of Seagulls hair style fad), not to mention how haunting it is to see Tony Blair protrayed as this totally bright, resourceful and decent guy (will someone PLEASE teleport me back to the nineties?) who thinks he knows how to make the press love him.

Coming up next: Persuit of Happyness. This is probably the best way to watch movies; think of all the time I've saved by not watching the new Indiana Jones and other unfortunate movies. I just get the good stuff. Or maybe all movies are this good, but since my school year's kicked in, I've forgotten how good movies are. Maybe I should be doing more studying. Like now.

Just kidding.

What other movies came out about a year or two ago that I should see? What did I miss? I'll stick them on the list for Monday afternoon distraction-o-rama.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everything You Ever Hoped and More

I'm sure Sarah Palin is qualified in ways that I am not aware of, but as a rhetor, she makes George Bush seem eloquent.

Old school.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Festive Conference Season

Ah... another Conference weekend come and gone.

This is our only truly unique religious holiday (hmm, the 24th of July may come close) and it actually requires some sort of effort instead of a day off. Even Sunday we net an hour of "church" (but if you discount meetings for callings, one probably comes off better than expected). Mostly this holiday comes in terms of reunion. My old visiting teachee from last year, who had her life plans change suddenly, stopped in during Girls' Night (and what a weird construct that is; we live in all-girls housing, so how are the two hours of Priesthood session any different than any other night? What, in other words, makes this night different from all other nights?); us roommates went to our respective homes, except the one from California, who spent the weekend with her old roommates; I invited my current visiting teachee to my parents' house because "she didn't have anywhere to go for Conference."

It's a good holiday, especially by my mother's criterion that it involves family, but no presents. Dave and Margaret once requested Conference Saturday off from their work. "It's a Mormon religious holiday," they said. Their boss was confused. "I had a Mormon friend--I didn't know you guys had any special religious holidays." Yeah, we have this one.

In other news, during Sunday session I painted Christmas ornaments for our Christmas program to the old folks' home. It just got me in the spirit, is all.