Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Festive Conference Season

Ah... another Conference weekend come and gone.

This is our only truly unique religious holiday (hmm, the 24th of July may come close) and it actually requires some sort of effort instead of a day off. Even Sunday we net an hour of "church" (but if you discount meetings for callings, one probably comes off better than expected). Mostly this holiday comes in terms of reunion. My old visiting teachee from last year, who had her life plans change suddenly, stopped in during Girls' Night (and what a weird construct that is; we live in all-girls housing, so how are the two hours of Priesthood session any different than any other night? What, in other words, makes this night different from all other nights?); us roommates went to our respective homes, except the one from California, who spent the weekend with her old roommates; I invited my current visiting teachee to my parents' house because "she didn't have anywhere to go for Conference."

It's a good holiday, especially by my mother's criterion that it involves family, but no presents. Dave and Margaret once requested Conference Saturday off from their work. "It's a Mormon religious holiday," they said. Their boss was confused. "I had a Mormon friend--I didn't know you guys had any special religious holidays." Yeah, we have this one.

In other news, during Sunday session I painted Christmas ornaments for our Christmas program to the old folks' home. It just got me in the spirit, is all.


Makayla said...

You do realize that we aren't even that close to Halloween yet, right? LOL.

I guess it's alright. My mom sings Christmas carols in July.

Day said...

there's always the 24th of july.

Dave and Margaret said...

Funny story:

I was telling a Jewish friend of mine about conference and he was floored, "You actually have a big meeting where all the Mormons get together? The really puts context around that old joke."

The joke is when someone finds out your Jewish, Asian, etc then often ask if you know so and so and the joke is to reply, "I don't think so, but I'll look for him at our next big meeting."

We actually have that big meeting.

Chris said...

You win for the reference to the Passover/Seder ceremony dialogue. :) We really are wannabe jews (or jews that do it right? That sounds chauvinistic).

mlh said...

the 24th isn't, strictly speaking, an exclusively religious holiday--it's Utah's Columbus Day.