Sunday, April 24, 2011

Positive Graffiti

Yet another thing to love about Austin: upbeat graffiti!

(Love your neighbor)

(Never Surrender)

(Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love)

And, of course...

It's not Banksy, but it does me good.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Went to CCCC's with my mom again. So much good times. Here're photos!

Oh, dorky English teachers!

Dessert night at the hotel!
And a close-up of that pile of gooey goodness! There were cherries, Baby Ruth bars, cherries and caramel sauce besides the sweet tortillas, ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Also, I guess I heard some good presentations on writing...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Faith in (Pop) Culture

I thought I was jaded. Maybe I had grown out of it. Maybe I had just been exposed to too much. Or I was out of practice. But the idea that when I was in junior high I would lie on a couch in the dark listening to a song over and over again, or could be moved to reconsider my life because of a movie has seems so far away for a couple of years.

I thought I had a good run. I had listened to songs that made me want to be in love, painted several pictures of the lead singer of a band, had actors and directors that I thought really knew me (aside from the ones that actually really knew me). And while I didn't just shrug off the way that I had felt back then, I didn't know if I could feel so strongly right now.

I mean, sure I liked Iron Man okay and, to a disappointing lesser extent, Iron Man 2 ,and Cage the Elephant. Yeah, I went through a phase where I watched almost all of CW's Supernatural (but on TNT--I'm not an animal). But was I ever deeply moved? Entertained, delighted, hyped up a little, but not really moved.

That was all in the past, the good ol' Lord of the Rings, vintage Eels, the heart of the Harry Potter books and About A Boy days. They all were sublime, which Longinus reminds us comes of a sudden, like a divine lightning bolt, or, in terms of C. S. Lewis' "joy" creates a sweet longing for something better. I felt like I was either deeper or entertainment was more shallow. I wasn't anticipating anything, not like how I had anticipated the next Lord of the Rings movie or Zwan's single, glorious album. After last summer's run of {ack!} Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and the A-Team, no wonder I was jaded. Even the best movies and music, like Inception, are cool, but not soul-shaking in the way, to keep it in perspective, Momento or Dark Knight were.

Enter the past week. I saw this movie, which I meant to see, just out of curiosity, when I saw the preview (in the dollar movie). It was really pretty beautiful. Also my brother introduced me to The Decemberists, whose new album makes me want to be a better person. Then I went on Apple trailers and guess what? I'm excited about some movies coming out. Not, heaven help me, Hop or The Hangover 2, but Super 8 and Captain America, even.*

I expect to be moved. I want to be changed.

*You may notice a lack of books here. I don't have any books I'm anticipating right now. Not with baited breath, I guess. So get on it, people.