Tuesday, December 16, 2008


A nice brisk 20 minute powerwalk through the library has yielded this:

Most of the library's clocks are wrong.

The 2nd floor is the most empty.

I've never been in the "F" section of the library.

The 6th floor offices are already closed.

The girl who was sitting outside my study room at 2:00 is still there--has she been there all this time? This means that even if there aren't many people who have been in the library longer than me, there are still plenty who are working much harder. But then, if it was about hard work, I would have grabbed my textbooks for next semester from the bookstore hours ago.

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Jennifer said...

The second floor is always the least-crowded. That's why I always hid out there if I really meant business. Sniff. I miss the library.