Sunday, December 14, 2008


So I mail off my first fan letter today. Well, at least my first real fan letter; I've sent notes of appreciation to the authors of my International Finance textbook (best textbook ever!) and the particularly fine translator of the Phaedrus and some other unfamous-but-excellent folk, but this time I wrote Mr. Spielberg, who actually has a separate address just for fan mail.

I feel so dumb. I'm not an important person to be sending off this note and it's not like I'm some AIDS orphan whose life was changed when she watched every Spielberg film ever and became a major cultural force. I just really enjoyed the last few movies of his that I've been watching. He's a really fine, incredibly respectful filmmaker--never makes the character in his films look stupid and he doesn't patronize them either. He's make huge hits and big flops and he keeps making movies. I'm very impressed with him.

So I figure, even if it's (what 42 cents? I don't know--I have those "forever" stamps) down the tube, there are worse things to waste 42 cents on than sending a thank you note that will never be received.

Then I thought: if I'm this shy and agitated about sending a letter to Steven Spielberg, why am I so cavalier about praying to the King of All Creation (who, incidentally, also is very respectful of his characters)? Do I expect a response all the time? Do I think he pays attention to it? Prayer is very big league, very, very big league, even if it's cheaper than a stamp.

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Makayla said...

I think it's probably because the King of all Creation does not act as self-important as some of our worldly admirees. It's much safer to talk to him than to email a note to Spielberg, because that King will never think you're dumb or insignificant. :)