Friday, December 12, 2008

Become a Society Lady/Man!

In this world of cooperation and synergy, we often forget how good it makes us feel to put other people down.

In light of that special feeling, I am officially starting up the Society for the Preservation of Childish Insults, inspired by overhearing a charming boy scout call his brother "dink wad" on the BYU campus. If you would like to receive the SPCI newsletter (or join our board of directors), please email me at

This is a wonderful time to be involved with Childish Insults, especially during this holiday season when children will be home from school, gathered together under the Christmas tree, calling each other "Fatty McFats-a-lot" and "Stink-butt."

Please support the SPCI with either financial contributions (stock or in-kind payments are available) or by contributing to Childish Insult development and reporting.

Be a part of it, driphead.


Elisa said...

Count me in.

(I like how, since you left the comp office, I've stalked your movements on facebook and in the blogosphere. Talk about productive.)

Makayla said...

So the other day my nine-year-old brother was fighting with my seventeen-year-old brother, and the older child twisted the younger child's arm very hard. The younger child will not cry unless he is bleeding, but he screamed at the top of his lungs at least 20 times, "You piece of poo! You stupid piece of poo!" And he was not being funny, he was being mad. And the nineteen-year-old brother, the mother, the grandma, and the twenty-two-year-old sister buried their faces in pillows, couch cushions and dog fur and tried not to let the angry child (who had followed his mean older brother to the basement, still screaming the said insult) hear their hysterical laughing.

Jamie said...

Watch it, you rudeypatootie.