Monday, September 8, 2008


Makayla said...
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Makayla said...

Who'd have ever thought - creative as you are - that such a thing would inspire such fluster in you? LOL.

And for my horribly honest moment: While if I ever have children I'm very much a traditionalist in names I really like (and therefore my name choices will be quite normal) I really, really like bizarre names as well. Just not for my family. :)

Here's a fun one for you. I have a second cousin who has 11 boys and one girl. These are their names (in no particular order, I can never keep them straight...)

Packer, Oaks, Taylor, McKay, Taft, Perry, Talmage, Maxwell, Kimball, Holland, and Fielding. Their daughter's name? Emma? Sariah? Rebecca? Lucy? NO. They named her Jamie.

Isn't that unique! (They're really cute kids, and perhaps outside of Utah it won't be quite as noticeable, but...)

I wish I could hear Sarah Palin's little girl introduce herself... just once... "Hi. I'm Piper Palin!" It IS sort of funny...