Thursday, September 4, 2008

Called to Service

So I just got called to the service committee. Sweet. This is one of my coveted callings, along with FHE mom (opening prayer, lesson, activity, closing prayer, firebreathing). I know I'm just on the committee and not a chair, but this gives me all kinds of ideas of service goodness.

(1) Canned good scavenger hunt, which extra points for peanutbutter and tuna and random things.

(2) Halloween Party Blood Drive

(3) Working with Music Committee for a concert at the old folks' home

(4) Giving people a list of every-day service they can do. (I think we even have one of these around)

(5) Your idea here.


Dave and Margaret said...

My favorite Relief Society activity was when we went and did "service" by COLORING IN COLORING BOOKS!!! They wanted to have brightly colored alphabet books for kids, so rather than sending the alphabet books along with some crayons, we had an awesome night where we got all the crayons, markers, and colored pencils we could want, and colored in all of the pictures on some kids' coloring books. Needless to say I felt very conflicted. On the one hand - awesome! I get to color! On the other hand - who would do that to a little kid??

Day said...

Maybe you could consort with those coveted FHE leaders. . . have an FHE in which everybody scours the book of Mormon for the best sorts of concrete modern day service projects, and work from there. :)

Anna and Dell said...

love the ideas mary! Especially the blood drive. Maybe we'll make that a halloween tradition in our home.