Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Semenza, of course, freaks me out.

If you have no idea who this man is, let me explain: Semenza has written a book about graduate studies that demands that you:

-take no more days off than either Christmas /or/ Yom Kippor. That's it.

-read 100 articles a week for each seminar

-publish 30-page articles every semester

-never see your family if possible. If this is impossible, make them visit you in the library. Between page-turning.

-create several folios and vitaes

if you don't want to end up homeless, addicted and, eventually, murdered in cold blood.

Hurrah for academia!


Makayla said...

Where oh where might I find this book?

*rolls eyes*

Jennifer said...

100 articles a week for every seminar? What field are you in where seminar topics have 1400 articles published on them? Not mine, I'll tell you that.

Benjammin said...

Oh, 100 articles a seminar? That's it? JK!!! That's awful! The poor author of such a book needs to get a life, or at least smell the petunias by the library.

Makayla said...

What's even more overwhelming (as if you aren't overwhelmed enough) is if you look on (which is precisely what I did after reading your post) you will note that in the reviews section, this book has great reviews - from professors. It is listed as being honest, realistic, wonderful, blah blah blah... oh, and Michael Berube wrote the forward.

Day said...

The fascinating thing about this to me is:

If professors give this book rave reviews for "realism"--and we all know, precious few real academics are as one track as all of this--doesn't that mean a system has effectively created where everyone feels like they Should be giving up this much?

which is silly, in it's way. . .