Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight at Midnight

Okay, so I am not ashamed of the fact that I went to the opening night showing of Twilight. Mostly because I went to Divine Comedy, we took up a row and giggled during the entire movie. (It is not a comedy.)

Classic moments from the movie:

A constant flow of references to Google (product placement, ho!)

Most awkward term of endearment: "Hold tight, spider monkey."

It's one thing to read about Edward watching her sleep; it's a whole nother level of creepy to watch him do it.

Bella sputters in coherently for 20 seconds straight, easy: "Wha--? won't--...but..." etc, etc.

"Here's your veggie plate, Stephanie." Yes, Stephanie Myers is in the restaurant in the movie! Is she seeking to emulate the runaway success of M. Night Shyamalan?

The random "apple catching" pose that reproduces the cover of the book. What are they going to do with the other books? "Look, I found some flowers..." "Would you like to play a game of chess?"

Yes, yes, indeed this is setting itself up for a DC headliner parody. A little too well, a little too well.


Day said...

Dear my.

Now I want to go see it.

Lobbie said...


Just because I want to laugh my butt off.

Jamie said...

So Andrew told me that 15,000 girls congregated at a mall in Ohio to see the main vampire dude. 15,000! The actor said later "I think they thought that I was the actual character in the book." How funny. I laughed about the placement of Google. That's hilarious. Are you going to eventually put the parody of Twilight on the DC website? I have DC withdrawals.

xister said...

I think it's OK to put yourself in your own movie. Perhaps Ursula was secretly the writer of the "The Sound of Music," but who would go see a musical by Ursula, so she sold it to Rogers and Hamerstein (which would explain why it's one of the only Rogers and Hamerstein shows that is worth the time it takes to watch it). She just made them promise that she could have her 5 seconds and 2 words of fame (and a nightly standing ovation of course).

Day said...

I don't know if this will help your DC parody or if it's just too bizarre. . .

The Former 786 said...

It's ripe for DC parody! A young transfer student falls in love with the boy who works as a refrigerator stocker for The Twilight Zone.

They're instantly drawn to each other, but he's so cold and pale from all those hours working near frozen foods, that he has become a freak of nature. . .an outcast.