Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blog for blog's sake

Don't even bother reading this post.

I have nothing particularly interesting to write. Maybe this:

School is coming dizzying to a close. Since I'm in the grad program, this means that my semester papers, on which everything in my classes is based are shortly to be due and I not writen a lick of either of them. I have an idea of what I want to do with one, but the other is a murky beast. This is especially a problem because I have this goal to write TWO fantastic papers for each class. Ugh. I'm far more overwhelmed by what I should be doing than what I have to do. The key, I think, to feeling better about this is just to plug in and get stuff done. I've had a very antsy Sabbath, which is usually a sign that I haven't been working hard enough on the "six days thou shalt labor"--I had three nights of staying up past 2:00am, so that could be part of it and the sugar-orgy that is Halloween. So if I give up Monday-afternoon movie (hard to do, hard to do) and instead run errands during my sleepy time, I might be able to feel like I'm actually getting something done.

What would that feel like?

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Marcee said...

Welcome to grad school...didn't anyone tell you that you are supposed to start writing your papers the first day of class? It makes total sense, right? I mean, of course you can start writing a paper about a subject you are just learning about the first day of class... fun stuff.
Good luck!