Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Posters

Two years ago's propaganda posters were the best--they were good looking and reminded me of what I wanted to do with my year, so I decided to go for it again. Blogger has, as usual, ruined everything when you try to upload, but remember that these look awesome in practice. Anyway, all that aside..

This year's New Year's Resolutions posters are themed...Victorian work advertisements!

Sport  &

·     Runs the very Toughest of all Mudders!
·     Is in fit, fightin’ shape with a slender girlish figure
·     Hikes ONE HUNDRED MILES— with her sister!
·     Runs with unwanted and unkept canines!
·     Finishes the course of Zombies, Run! with glee
·     Works out an hour a day--excepting the Sabbath

Family and Social

·     Seeks out new friends and friends of friends.

·     Re-reads and practices How to Win Friends and Influence People and its principles!

·     Supports her family, especially nieces and nephews, with letters, calls, packages and sundry divertissements!

·     Strengthens bonds through time and wholesome recreational activities.

 Temporal Order

·     Continues to keep a budget—monthly and for special activities!
·     Keeps up with the routines of the Woman of the Fly!
·     Establishes a cheerful, welcome home!

Spiritual Goals

·     Reads the Book of Mormon in its entirety!--
·     Enjoys all her callings—where’re they be
·     Writes in her journal a minimum of once weekly!
·     Is still, patient and listens

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