Sunday, October 16, 2011

15 Items I Am Unsure How to Store After Staying Up Until 3 am Cleaning My Desk

1: beanie baby chicken

2: brown-and-pink hand-dipped candle

3: external hard drive that doesn't (as far as I can tell) work at all

4: several almost-finished novelty post-its

5: money tree seed

6: little tiny gift box someone gave me a USB drive in

7: henna inking kit

8: pen shells with no cartridges in them

9: foreign coins

10: post-it notes sketching out (far distant) prospectus ideas

11: WWKBD (what would Kenneth Burke do) rubber bracelet

12: Ex Libris labels

13: National Zoo wildlife conservation sticker

14: roll of 200 smiley face stickers (red left only)

15: really cool headphones that only work if the cord's in just the right place


Sara said...

Hahaha! I hate all those little leftover things, but I can never bring myself to throw them out!!!

Margaret said...

Ditto on that! This is why Dave is the one who packs when we move. He has no problem throwing stuff out, and I seldom miss it, but I can never throw them out on my own.

N said...

Jelly bellies box. Perfect for coins, seeds, and similar nick-knacks. Plus you get to eat the jelly bellies.