Saturday, October 22, 2011

Field Exam Fairy

Scene: Upper floor Calhoun Hall. One MARY, in a black turtleneck and grey skirt, self-consciously businesslike, is pacing the halls looking over her notes of her field exam and reciting her impassioned introductory speech in her mind. Near ENGLISH OFFICE, a YOUNG MAN, tall, black, in trendy clothing. He appears to be looking for something.

MARY: Hey, are you looking for something?

YOUNG MAN: I think so, but I haven't found it.

MARY: I wouldn't be much use for you. [beat] I barely know this building myself. {nervous laughter}

YOUNG MAN: What's that? holds out his hand for papers

MARY: Oh, these are just the notes for my field exam. [she hesitates, then hands them over]

YOUNG MAN: [looking them over] Hmm, hmm, that the last page?

MARY: Uh, these are my notes for my presentation. [hands over the last sheet] It's about, you know, being a specialist and a generalist at the same time. In rhetoric.

YOUNG MAN: [still thoughtfully engrossed in the papers, then, looks up, soulfully, into MARY's eyes] I think you're going to be just fine.

MARY: Uh. Thanks. [She takes her papers back from him and takes a few steps towards the room where her committee is still meeting. Then, over her shoulder.] I hope you find what you're looking for.

YOUNG MAN: You too.

End scene

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Margaret said...

Ah, dark-clothed Field Exam Fairy, I know exactly what you were looking for!