Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Good Day

Having gotten 6 hours of sleep thanks to roommate shinanaginisms, I soon found myself in the shower thinking, "C'mon, keep telling yourself this is going to be a good day, this is going to be a good day." I woke up on time, I told myself. I also didn't forget my movie for my lesson plan somewhere. But then, I told myself, that's not a good day, that's just not bad day. Then I got out checked my email and found a bevy of good news!

My mom found my little black journal with all my addresses and plans in it!!

I got accepted to the RSA Workshop!!

My paper got accepted the LTUE conference!!

My mentor isn't coming to class to observe me today, so I can watch the inauguration with my students!!

Ten minutes later and already, yeah, it's a good day.


Marcee said...

which RSA workshop are you going to?

Marcee said...


mlh said...

Patricia Bizzell's. I think it's something like "women and protest" or something like that--I just wanted to spend quality time with Bizzel.