Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lists

So one of the magazines I was reading behind the sound machine today taught us about making life lists. So in case anyone's interested, here's my lists. We all need lists.

4 Things I'd Like to Do Before I Die:

1. Raise children of some sort (what sort? vampires?)
2. Temple-married
3. World's Leading Expert on X (where X is something, not that I'm a leading expert on the letter X, although it would put in the forefront of the Arts and Letters world)
4. Do me a little more travel: Thailand, get back to Russia, the Caribbean

4 Things I'd Like to Do Within the Next 6 Years:

1. Be PhD-ing
2. Significant Other-ed
3. Published
4. Go to Croatia

4 Things I'd Like to Do Within the Next 3-5 Months:

1. Make a short film/music video with my friends
2. Play intramural sports
3. Throw a dinner party
4. Rock the apple harvest. Old school.

4 Things I'd like to Do Every Week:

1. Have an adventure (go/do something new)
2. Watch a movie
3. Studerday! (Study a bit on Saturdays)
4. Write a sketch for Divine Comedy

4 Things I'd Like (to start doing, you know, when school starts) Every Day:

1. Study 9-5 daily
2.Clear room daily: Clean off desk, make bed, nothing on the floor
3. Write something literary
4. Have a musical moment of Zen (you know, singing along to the radio, car dancing, eyes closed in the dark dozing, that sort of thing)

So there you have it. The Lists. Daunting, no?


Makayla said...

Ah it all makes sense now... why John Talbot thinks so highly of you that is.

"Study 9-5." Now that is impressive.

I myself plan to raise pirate children.

Lobbie said...

I prefer the kind of children you can buy. Whether that means they're humans or hamsters, I don't care.

Clearing off your desk everyday is a task I have yet to ever come close to meeting.