Thursday, August 14, 2008

7 Surprises in the Ladies' Home Journal and Good Housekeeping

1. You can prevent varicose veins through a baby aspirin (with your doctor's approval).

2. It turns out, yes, this marriage can be saved.

3. Dogs can make your fashionable clothes more stylish.

4. Princess Di truly was the people's princess.

5. "Super" and "Fabulous" used to be youthful slang misunderstood by Boomers' parents.

6. You can actually make money by stacking coupon savings on sales promotions on refunds on in-store credit cards.

7. It's really hard to be a mom; not just "take out the garbage, help with homework, go to soccer game" hard but "son commits suicide out of nowhere, sexual harassment of daughters at after school job, pool toys make drown children" hard.


Dave and Margaret said...

What a great post! Pokes gentle funny at the magazines, I mean journals, but then let's us know about the tough issues that these publications try to deal with. Thanks for making the internet a little better today Mary!

Makayla said...

Why are you reading Ladies' Home Journal and Good Housekeeping? (Sort of an honest question...but sort of teasing... I can't help it. Lol)

Better Homes and Gardens, I understand. O Magazine, of course.

Just tell me you don't read Redbook okay? Unless it's some sort of an assignment for a rhetoric class. :D