Saturday, April 19, 2008

Summer Dreamin'

The bad news is that school's not over yet--I have 3 finals next week. But the good news is that at this nearing-180-credit point in my life, I doubt even a string of Bs can do much harm to my GPA.

The good news, also, is that I'm going to have a kickin' summer. In yearbook terms.

I'm going to spend 3 weeks living the American dream, which is to say the Americans by James Joyce dream. I'm pretty much coming of age.

So here's what I want:

What should I bring on my backpacking in Europe?

What should I see?

Go, team, go

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ke said...

I have a lot of good advice as far as this goes: call me if you'd like it. London is my favorite; Prague is unexpectedly busy I hear; Italy is gorgeous but tourist-ridden (I'd vote Rome, Florence and either the Cique Terre or the Amalfi Coast) and some littler places: Sienna and Lucca, Venice is almost not worth it at all; I've never done Switzerland and keep regretting it...more on this too.