Sunday, April 27, 2008

If you're havin' school problems, I feel bad for you son; I got 99 problems, but a BA ain't one.

Now I'm all graduated. It really doesn't feel like that big of a step because, of course, this fall I'll be headed back with the same teachers, studying the same thing at the same school. Still.

The Humanities Department convocation was an exerise in sitting politely and trying not to not off (although I did count six people on the stand who did so) while a long-winded philosophy professor talked about a BYU history exhibit (that has been in development 7 years and isn't even open yet) for nearly an hour. What ever happened to "go forth and change the world, the future belongs to you, this is only a beginning, etc?"

University commencement was better (and shorter) with David A. telling us all that we only come to college to learn skills of how to love learning. Also, he acknowledged that no one at graduation is there for the speaker. Pshw.

I did get my Costco carrot cake with apricot filling and a very pretty BYU-blue and white dress. And, having moved into my parents' place, I also have a room full of too much stuff to sort through, three weeks to play and work and learn whatever I want, and a subscription to netflicks to be keep my weekends busy. Life is very very good.


Special K said...

congrats! whee!

xister said...

Congratulations from over here too! Costco carrot cake is amazing.