Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lying in Bed

So I haven't been going off to sleep like I'd like to the past couple of weeks, so last night I'm under the sheets and I'm thinking about all the stuff I want to do and then I remember the answer to all of my problems:

Macy's is open 24 hours.

I go out there and I do all of the stuff I want to do (including buy tons of Valentine's care package candy and everything for dinner group and $20 of cute office supplies and a wicked binder for my thesis) and I get back and I put everything away and then I think:

I really want to grade those economics tests.

So I go through and I grade everyone's questions one and two, but question three I'm not so sure about what the answer key says, so I email the professor and move to question four, which one person had a LOT of data for a closed-book test, but maybe he has a good memory, and if he does, I can't call him a cheat, but wow! really! So by now it's early morning hours and I do get myself off to bed I know I'm not going to wake up early and go do yoga, but that's okay because while sitting in a class where I hadn't done the reading and wasn't looking forward to group discussion I thought to myself:

I need to go work out.

So I subtly left class and went to the gym and had a great time and listened to a neat podcast about Joseph Smith and got all dressed and not-stinky in order to make it to my class, where I totally wasn't late and we talked about immigration and population change and that stuff totally gets me all excited and I'm trying not to shout out answers, because I'm the T.A., but I'm all bright-eyed and bushy tailed and the opposite of how I felt yesterday and I wonder if it's chemical or just the weather, because the weather really does affect me. For example now it's really getting overcast and cold and so now

I'm really tired.

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xister said...

Aren't you glad you have a car. I lie away in bed unable to sleep but knowing that I have nothing better to do anyways. Especially ever since I started leaving my laptop and backpack on campus.

Honestly, I think that this understanding makes it easier to sleep at night.