Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things That Didn't Go Wrong Yesterday

I didn't get in a fender bender.
I didn't cut open my hand on a tin can.
My dog wasn't attacked by a Doberman.
My landlord didn't evict me.
My parents didn't get separated.
My trousers didn't split in the middle of my dance number on stage in front of several hundred people.
My hair didn't catch on fire.
I didn't lose my take-home midterm for Critical Theory.
My former companions didn't call me up to say that they decided to apostatize.
I didn't get shut down by a boy I liked.
I wasn't forbidden to play in a soccer championship because it clashed with my Punjabi traditions of women's roles.
My brothers weren't drafted.
I didn't get diagnosed with cancer.
I wasn't kicked out of my home for my religious beliefs.
The stock market didn't crash.
Terrorists didn't bomb a US embassy.
An untreatable plague did not strike major transportation hubs.
An asteroid wasn't discovered hurtling towards earth.
The undead did not raise to torment the living.
Godzilla did not eat Tokyo.

Other than that, everything went wrong.


xister said...

I'm really sad for you. Did you have the chance to talk to your professor? What's the news?

I hope that you are feeling a little better today and I hope you have a large stash of icecream.

Take care.

Special K said...

oh no!