Saturday, October 6, 2007

Art Sale!

So, cleaning out my room today I came across a bunch of paintings from high school. (Why haven't I painted since high school?) So I decided to get rid of them. (Ah, that's why I haven't painted since high school.) Nah, I think. Maybe Sarah will want one for her Wall. So I go by her house, it's 10:30 at night but maybe she's still up; it's a Saturday night, right? No answer at the door. And then so here I am.

Hey, I have a scanning option on my new, free printer. I can put them up on my blog. So there you have it: buy my high school artwork, the angst, and all proceeds will go to the Perpetual Education Fund, so that someone out there will get some good out of this.

The Rules:
Bidding for each piece starts at 1 (one) dollar. Bidding opens tonight, October 6, 2007 and closes Halloween 2007. Bidding will take place here, responses on this blog entry unless you want to offer vast amounts of money for a piece and are embarrassed about out-bidding my mom, in which case you can email me at mary.hedengren at with your huge offer. I'll mail you the painting if you live far away, but I won't insure it, because that's crazy. All unpurchased pieces will probably go under my bed, or behind the bookshelf, where they were before.

Now then, let's get this show on the road. Sorry about the lack of rotation. It almost killed me to get these images up at all. But I hear it's healthy to cock your head to one side all the time.

1. The Red Ox
This painting is based on Isaiah 1:3. Now biblical allusion, that's hip.

This is a cropped image of the hippo in a suit. I think, by profession, he sells cars.
3. Embrace
Ah, one of the popular "strange color scheme" paintings.

4. Teapot and The Whisper
This is a two-in-one. Yes you'll have to put it in a two-sided frame and hang it from the ceiling.

5. Disturbed
Yes, yes, it truly is.

6. Demon and the Rose.
I think this is based off a children's short story that was written in Spanish and in English. Who wrote that? I can't find it on google and I don't remember. But I did a bunch of these little devils in high school. In fact, I have two short stories featuring one of them.

7. Slouching
I don't think I have to allude to the deeply philosophical gyre-theory-spawning poem which inspiring this little piece.

8. Chartruse Angel
I think I painted this the month that I first found out about the band eels, which has nothing to do with this painting's resembling frontman E.

9. Blood Orange
Honestly, this is probably the creme de la creme. This one I did freshmen year.

Thank you and good luck!


mlh said...

I bid 1.50 on number 4!

xister said...

I bid 1.00 on the charteuse angel.

Marcee said...

I bid 1.00 on red ox!

editorgirl said...

2.50 for number 8! (Because exclamation points are more appropriate here.)

Jennifer said...

I'd like to bid, but the whole other country thing. Do you accept Payment via In-law? Just see the hippo and the charteuse angel brought back good memories. What happened to all of your neo-Soviet stuff?