Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy New Month!

I'm gonna count this for a whole month of journalling, because I somehow can't just have new years resolutions: I need to have new months. Actually, I set a lot of goals. Goal setting is probably one of my strengths. Goal achieving being a totally different thing. But I love Sundays for reflecting, and Fast Sundays are like King Sunday for reflection. Here's the nuts and bolts of it:

Ah, February...

What I Did Not Do:
Write a full draft of my dissertation
Lose 5 pounds

What I Did Do:
Enjoyed a visit from my parents to Texas
Figured out my weekly routine
Finish revising my novel
Send my novel to an actual agent of novels
Party it up: Pink Dance, dates, "Knitting Circle"
Move to a new apartment with a new roommate
Start a new novel
Get an article accepted for publication
Study the heck out of the idea of love and friendship in the gospel

Ah, March...

What I'd Like to Do:
 Lose 5 pounds
Write a full draft of my dissertation
Run a lot more--probably finish Zombies, Run! (I have 14 left)
Study the Atonement and the Resurrection in preparation for Easter
Be all kinds of productive during Spring Break--writing, reading, and playing

But the non-nuts-and-bolts of it is that I have this space to think about where I am, and who I want to be and the people who are helping me to become that. I love Sundays, Sunday walks, Sunday journal/blog writing, Sunday phone calls, Sunday letter writing. It gives me a space to think, breathe and regroup for the week. Fast Sunday is even better because you're already contemplative from the thoughts of your fast and you don't have to take time cooking and eating (which is more than you think it should take). And since it's a new month, you can go through your planner and write down all of the things you've got going on that month (I have something planned every weekend!) and think about how that month will go. It's like a little reflective holiday for one.

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