Monday, October 7, 2013

Blazon: My Awesome Body

So in light of the great talk in General Conference by Elder Nelson on bodies, I'd like to give a little shout out to my own body, which is pretty remarkable. I love the doctrine that body and spirit are soul and that our use of our bodies can determine our destinies. I like my body. Here are some specifics.

These are my legs. I'm very proud of them lately because when I went for a bike ride Saturday night, I fell trying to maneuver around a small child in the road. and do you know what my legs did? They got up. Nay, they sprang up and got on the bike again almost instantly. You may notice the bandaid on my left knee. I scraped a bit there and there's a bruise on my other leg and I didn't even notice until well into my ride. This, incidentally, is not the first time my remarkable legs have sprung up after a fall; just a couple of weeks ago, the exact same thing happened after I tripped on a root while running. Well done, legs, well done.

This is my right thumb. It's possible that I fractured my right thumb in December. Maybe I just tore or strained the soft tissue. But you know what? Even if I fractured it--my body knows how to heal itself! Crazy, huh? But my right thumb has gotten stronger and stronger and it doesn't really hurt anymore. It just gets better.

This is my waist. I didn't used to have a waist. You may notice how nicely it goes it and then out again. But then I ate healither and worked out more often and then--boom--a waist. This goes back to Eld. Nelson again because it took a lot of self-mastery to get here. Eld Nelson pointed out that no one managed their appetites perfectly and this is true of me. For instance, I just barely ate a big plate of pad thai. But we can still change. In fact, with prayer and the Atonement, we can change our very desires. I always hope my desires for raw cookie dough and Southeast Asian food will lesson.

But guess what? These are my fingernails. I have long been a biter and tearer of my nails, to the point where on the urging of one companion, I bought the nail polish that tastes bitter. But I still tore them. Until last year, around August, and that's when it changed. I don't know why, but I just stopped biting my nails. I was able to clean them better or something. Or I knew I was going to be seeing my mom and wanted to impress her with my non-bitten nails. Not that I don't sometimes still tear them, especially when I'm writing, but I used to only have nails over the quick and now it's typical for me to have all that little white tips. My desires have changed in terms of nail biting.

Hurrah for the body, my awesome body, and my connection to and support from this half of my soul.

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Sara said...

I sometimes pray for the self-mastery to not eat unhealthy foods or unhealthy portion sizes . . . Sometimes prayer is all you have left.