Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Good November

It wasn't all a wash. I passed my prospectus exam, but after tears and frustration and several frantic morning writing sessions. I had a lovely interlude of 2 weeks on a cruise/in Italy where I didn't have much stress or frustration. But over all, November was not good to me:

(1) My computer gave up the ghost (fortunately, I back up all the time)

(2) My brand-new computer, which I bought to fix this one, was stolen out of my hands (a class J felony). Fortunately, I back up all the time. And didn't get knifed when I chased after him. And everyone, as I told the 15th customer service representative, has been nice. Yeah, he said, everyone but the guy who stole your laptop.

(3) Aforementioned prospectus stress

(4) My flight to the exceptional vacation and vacation exception was delayed hours and hours, I missed my connection flight, spent 6 hours in the Heathrow airport and then only got 6 hours sleep in my hostel (where I arrived at midnight) and 3 hours of walking around town before going to meet up with my siblings, which was stressful, too, because we didn't know how to find each other and feared the worst. Sheesh.

(5) My rat has breast cancer. I knew she was a short-lived animal when/ so I bought her, but I don't want to think about my little friend being in pain and suffering. I keep thinking that maybe I should have done something...maybe it's because of all the carcinogenic bits of bacon I kept feeding her.

(6) After zero progress with my crush I've given up pursuit and am willing to say, "if he doesn't like me, I won't like him." It was painful to like him so much, but at least there was hope.

(7) I was not a healthy eater and feel a little sick with myself. I went running and was sloppy. I used to be stronger than this.

But guess what? It's December now. I have an advent calendar full of fun on my wall and plans to go home, and parties to throw/attend, and lots of fun research to do, and a race coming up, and last night I danced with maybe five boys. Maybe six. 



Sara said...

Unfortunately, though all the numbers sound (and are) awful, no. 6 is probably the worst. It colors everything in the most gray and negative way. On top of that, you end up feeling silly that it can have such an effect on you. But know this, Mary: That's the number that indicates you're wonderfully human and vulnerable and emotionally healthy. :)

Here's to better things in December!!!

Will said...

Moxie has breast cancer? That's awful.