Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Late Afternoon

Man, late afternoon is such a hard time for me. I'm so up-and-at-em in the morning, I frown at the sluggards coming in 10 minutes late to work, I'm focused like a razor, I'm crossing things off my list left and right....

Then 3 o'clock comes around.

I like to think I was conditioned from elementary school days, but maybe it's just plain old blood sugar cycles, but I become essentially useless from 3-5 ish. My eyes gloss over the page. I open and shut Word windows. I type a few lines. But I'm not top of my game.

To compensate for this, I try to schedule classes (teaching and taking) during this time as well as any hourly or on-call work I need to do. That way I'm doing something without having to self-motivate. Unfortunately, I think this makes me just a little more stupid and slow in my classes. There was a time when I would have Monday Afternoon Movies and just give up on my afternoons, write it off and get back to work in the evenings, but that feels so weak, so slackerish.

What do you recommend? what's kind of productive for the afternoons without expecting my brain* to be firing on all cylinders. Whoever fixes my afternoon dilemma will receive a princely/princessly reward, via electronic land.

*I should note also, my body is weak. If I try to go to the gym or run, I tire easily and feel slightly gross.

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Makayla said...

Orange juice and a nap time might work wonders. :) 20 minutes.

If it's any consolation, that's how I felt as a missionary. Between 2:30-4pm I felt dead on my feet. Every. Single. Day.