Monday, February 1, 2010

What I Like About Me

My students are writing resumes and cover letters. I've just finished applying to my last PhD program. I think, all-in-all, this could be a pretty good time to get in some shameless self-esteem booting. I make my students finish this sentence: "I freakin' rock because..." They find it really hard. It is hard to toot your own horn. But here goes:

1. I have predictable favorite foods: popcorn, diet coke with lime, fresca, margarita pizza, gum, yogurt.

2. I make lists like this one. I make a lot of lists. I'm always trying to improve myself, define myself, relate myself to the world through lists.

3. I'm funny. Not just being "on" as a comedian, but in conversations, teaching, even academic writing. It just adds a little spice to things.

4. I like to try new things. I'm curious about stuff, so I go to lectures I don't have to go to, play new sports, buy new hair products.

5. I try. Typically, I'll apply for something, submit to something, and generally put myself out there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

6. I've improved. Comparing the way I dress now to junior high, even high school, I have come a long, long way in the world of personal hygiene and aesthetics. When I was in elementary school, I wasn't much of an innocent, laughing at vulgar and, frankly, racist jokes that I would never tolerate now.

7. I don't tell people about everything I do. (I can't elaborate on this one, obviously.)

8. I sing in the shower. And the parking lot. And mowing the lawn. And if I think no one's around.

9. I'm creative. (I can't think of any other way to put it...ha!)

10. I'm a dang good public speaker. Of course, I can't take total credit for this, but I'm comfortable in front of crowds and I like working out a little speech or a talk or a lesson. Generally speaking, I can balance the time, include attention-grabbers and get to the heart of the matter.

That seems like enough for one ego-massaging post. Feels good, though. I highly recommend this practice to anyone on a Monday morning.


Emily Lyman said...

Mary is with out a doubt the best!

保險 said...

給你一個鼓勵 ..................................................

Dave said...

11. You write one the best blogs ever.