Friday, January 1, 2010

Carpe Thursday

Margaret brought this to my attention, which made me start thinking about day-seizing. Thursday, perhaps. I got out my "Winter 2010 Schedule" Word document and figured that I could spare Thursday afternoons and evenings between 12 and 8 for wild shenanigannism and hijinks.* I started making a list in my planner of things I was to seize from my diem: peaks I haven't hiked, pedicures I haven't gotten, and a lot of International Cinema I've missed. This year I'll do the things I want.

Then I started thinking about the things I've done this year. I've pretty much been doing what I want all along. I have this year

...kayaked in the Potomac around Roosevelt Island,

...spent a few days in Tempe with Jen and Paul on a whim (And went to the No Doubt concert while there),

...went to a Gogol Bordello concert with Jen and Linsey,

...gone to Disneyland for my birthday--and on a a school day too!

...been ice skating, played racquetball, took a Hip Hop Hustle aerobics class, and learned to play tennis,

...invented an imaginary roommate, outfitted her room and pranked Heather for more than 2 weeks into thinking "Amber Cox" was real, and then

...adopted a "memorial flowerbed" on Center Street in honor of aforementioned fake roommate,

...doorbell-ditched a lot of cookies, flowers and soup at my neighbors' houses,

...went caroling along the street and at the widows/widowers in my ward (with treats, too!),

...took a run down to the cemetery on Halloween day--in costume,

...held a talent show at the Old Folks' Home wherein I participated in several talents, including a Coke-bottle choir,

... went to a Pilgrim Feast on Thanksgiving and a cabin retreat for Christmas (thanks Mom!)

...wrote a novel and

... bought a new,shiny, superlight laptop.

On the flip side I still have my peer review research, RMMLA paper, thesis and Dr. Wimmer's project to do. So may its time I stop gathering rosebuds and make sure that I'm getting the haymaking done.


Margaret said...

You really have had an awesome year! Well done, Mary. Since Thursday is likely to be my "Carpe" day as well, perhaps we can have an awesome Thursday update. :)

Day said...

I love that your imaginary roomate is my cousin. :)

Anonymous said...