Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How I React to Cold Weather

Step 1: Hop and say "Eeeeee!" in Matt-Meese-esque form.

Step 2: Breath in and out through my clenched teeth, like a woman in labor, in-and-out.

Step 3: Hunker into coat/hat/scarf muttering, "it's so cold, it's so cold, it's so cold."

Step 4: Begin to enjoy the cheek-pinching weather and wonder how I went 8 months without something like this.


Makayla said...

I had a strange thought today, that sort of indirectly-not-really-but-sort-of relates to number four on this list.

I picked up my youngest brother from basketball practice this evening, and was ridiculous enough not to wear gloves. On the way back into the house my hands were aching from the icy cold, and I thought, "Perhaps there is one benefit to not having a body... you can't ever feel cold." And right as I thought it, I "un-thought" it. It was the strangest thing to realize the blessing of being able to FEEL cold. And so I wiggled my freezing fingers appreciatively, and walked into the house to feel warm. :)

xister said...

I've started getting a lot of exercise because I run to and from campus to get get out of the cold as soon as possible. It is times like these that I don't feel so bad that I spend 80% of my waking hours in a single building.

Margaret said...

Getting to step four is quite fun, isn't it? They call it "brisk" weather for a reason. Cold weather really does make me feel energized and excited - as does anything potentially life-threatening, I guess :)