Friday, October 16, 2009


Typically, I have a huge Halloween party planned by now, with handmade invites aand a plan for everything from my costume to which corny horror movie to watch to what shape of gummy anatomy to serve.

This year...less so.

So, if I were to organize my Halloween party in, say, less than two weeks, what kind of suggestions would you have for me? My place or my parents'? Food? Costumes? How do I get invites out aside from just Facebook and email? Oh, what a conundrum.


Margaret said...

I vote for your parent's house, teen wolf, cups o' dirt and Halloween Oreos, and anything with fake eyelashes.

xister said...

I think that you should have some cups with dirt and some with oreos and it can be a big game to see who ends up with which. A little like Russian Roulette.

Day said...

^ ^ I love it!