Thursday, July 23, 2009

A No-Less-Wonderful Day

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day:

I finished my novel (hurray!), at least a first draft.

My sister told me that she thought I was pretty.

I hosted a writing party that was surprisingly delightsome.

I met up with some old friends and had good chats.

TODAY, can you believe it:

I beat my personal best 5k time. It's an unofficial 26.07, but even unofficial, that's two minutes off my last time.

I got to go to the temple.

My reimbursement check finally cleared and I have a little money! (Until I pay first and last months' rent. Boo.)

I feel a little bad, though, when I know people who are having lousy weeks. I'm just living a dream

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Jamie Zvirzdin said...

Hey Mary, your last sentence was a subject of an cool evening walk through north Brussels yesterday. Even though we may be quite content and happy, should we be sad or hold off on happiness because not everyone is yet happy? When people express jealousy of my life I often try to downplay how truly great it is by bringing up minute problems or minor frustrations or general poverty and crime. But, in mourning with those that mourn, should we become mourners ourselves? Shall we also then whine with those that whine? Can hell hold any power over heaven? (Name that Lewis book.) We're not quite in heaven, that's for sure, but we are here to have joy, after all. And how can we have joy if we are continually agreeing with the world that all is dismal?

In any case, I am very happy that you have had such good days. I refuse to say such things like "Don't worry, it won't last." Because maybe good days do last, if we let them.