Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogpoll for My Comedic Future

Okay, so I'm 90% certain I'm leaving Divine Comedy after this semester (but last time I said that I stayed for another year so here we go.) It takes more time and work than a hobby and pays less than a part-time job. So I figure I don't have time for all that.

But I still like comedy-- who do you guys think I should join: Humor U or LOL? Humor U probably has fewer rehearsals, so that would be less time, but LOL is improv and I'm way better at improv AND I'd get to hang out with the troupe (assuming the troupe is as fun and friendly as DC).

Voice in and convince me!


Makayla said...


I like your improvs :)

J Rock said...

Is it kosher to leave one BYU comedy group and join another?

Jamie said...

Do wha' ye wanna be doin', honey-chil'!

Chris said...

I'd probably vote for LOL, but it might be weird not being not at high profile as DC.

Dave and Margaret said...

I think LOL is probably the way to go as well. Improv is exhilarating in a different way than sketch.

However it might be tough to leave the 700+ screaming fans of DC. What kind of audiences does LOL get? I thought I wouldn't mind the 20-50 people I get at Comedy Sportz but it really is something of a drag not to have a big crowd.

On the plus side, I've found the plural z doesn't bother me at all.

mlh said...

Not a lot of people--maybe like the Tanner. But I guess there are fewer people because it's less prestigious which maybe equals less work. Also, it's way more fun to play the Tanner than, say, the JSB.

I don't know--it just takes sooo much time to do DC. I was already going to quit once, but they tricked me back. Most DCers don't stick around this long.

Jennifer said...

I want to know how they tricked you back. A lollipop? A puppy? A charity gig for sick children?

Lobbie said...

What about Comedysportz?

Otherwise, I say LOL all the way. Most of "Young Women in Mediocrity" was written based on your improvs anyway.