Sunday, December 30, 2007

East Coast Represent!

I've spent some time in NY and some time in DC and I can't shake the vibe that DC is cleaner, nicer and newer. But I also know that I need to like NY --everyone who's anyone is supposed to like NYC. And how can I make a statement about one of the largest cities in the world when there are so many different neighborhoods and cultures? Do cities really have a spirit to them? Or is it just our personal associations with them?

Will be back in Provo on the 2nd. Funny I've been gone so long.


xister said...

Happy New Year to you! I'm incredibly jealous of your Christmas brake antics.

Makayla said...

Just so you know, I too have been to both NYC and DC, and while I truly love New York, there is no doubt that DC is far more classy, far more aesthetically pleasing in a classical sort of way, and much, much, much cleaner. New York is wonderful, in my opinion, BECAUSE of its diversity. One moment you're standing in front of this gorgeous, luxurious hotel - where people drink expensive wine and talk about politics, the stock market, and the arts - and two blocks later you're in the fish market behind the projects - where people carry guns (and don't hesitate to use them), drop empty heroin tubes in the gutter, and play honest-to-goodness street basketball. DC has cherry blossom trees, pristine buildings, and the Holocaust museum. New York has Central Park (where I first saw a gay couple making out...), the Museum of Natural History, and bohemians that play instruments I've never heard of while smoking who knows what on the subway platforms. Can you tell I loved New York? LOL. I loved DC too. And yes, New York is filthy.

mlh said...

Rats. In the subway. I guess it's entertaining while you're waiting for your train to come, but...come on people! You live in the world's most important city--buy a power scrubber for the metro!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Makayla, both cities are great, but DC is by far more cleaner and classier than NYC.

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