Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Good

I'm sick of complaining here. Here's some good news:

I took a practice GRE which make me want to shower, but now I know I can get a 600 without studying. Let's see if studying does me any good. But I'm all registered and signed up and everything, which means there's no going back. There is potential not showing up, but going back? Not a chance.

I've turned in my thesis proposal. I hope it gets approved in time for me to register for graduation. But it is one solid proposal. Woo-eee.

I got accepted for a reading series, which is scary and fun. I need to practice. And make cupcakes. eg thinks I'm not so good when I read my own stuff--I get scared and go too fast and am apoligetic for having written poetry, which reminds me: I could have submitted something not-poetry, but I didn't know that at the time. I'm happy, though. Very happy.

And it's a nice sunny day and last night I had a pretty good date and I think I'm going to go buy chocolate for my next class.

yeah, life is good.


Special K said...

Yay! Readings all around! Cupcakes all around!

mlh said...

Indeed. I shall be requiring some advice about how this thing works: should I bring treats to the reception? Do I send out formal invites? Announce it in class? Do let me know.