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Happy New Month!

I'm gonna count this for a whole month of journalling, because I somehow can't just have new years resolutions: I need to have new months. Actually, I set a lot of goals. Goal setting is probably one of my strengths. Goal achieving being a totally different thing. But I love Sundays for reflecting, and Fast Sundays are like King Sunday for reflection. Here's the nuts and bolts of it: Ah, February... What I Did Not Do: Write a full draft of my dissertation Lose 5 pounds What I Did Do: Enjoyed a visit from my parents to Texas Figured out my weekly routine Finish revising my novel Send my novel to an actual agent of novels Party it up: Pink Dance, dates, "Knitting Circle" Move to a new apartment with a new roommate Start a new novel Get an article accepted for publication Study the heck out of the idea of love and friendship in the gospel Ah, March... What I'd Like to Do:   Lose 5 pounds Write a full draft of my dissertation Run a lot mo