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Five of My Favorite Runs

Last night I read an article about being a runner that said that you have three milestones in becoming a runner: one is the day that you decide to run until do other forms of (usually wimpier) exercise; two is the day that you call yourself a runner and you're not faking it; three is when you see that running is what you do, it's who you are.  While I like to run and I run a lot, probably more days than most people, I always hesitate to call myself a runner, probably the same way that I write a lot of poetry, but I hesitate to call myself a poet. But I do write a lot of poetry and I run a lot, and since I've recently share my poetry (quality unspecified) , I might as well share with you some of my favorite runs as well. and let's pretend that this is a ranking, even though I know that's going to change depending on what mood I'm in. 5. Kaliningrad Loop This, or something very like this--I don't remember going on such a big road, but we definitely cross

Low Ebb of Motivation, Productive Procrastination and Cedar Fever

It's a holiday. I don't have work at the writing center. I do have work I could do, most importantly, work on my dissertation, which I haven't worked on for a month. I haven't been lazy: I've reviewed an article for a journal, produced a podcast, editing someone else's dissertation. I've even been writing: I finished a novel, I revised a book review, created 10 lesson plans. But I'm having a hard time just sitting down and working on my dissertation. Oldest song in the book, right? But it's not like I want to do anything relaxing. I don't want to watch Hulu. I cancelled my Netflix. I'm ages behind on the PBS shows.  I don't want to just chill with the friends of mine who do have the day off. I don't have any holiday plans for a bike ride or a trip or anything. I'm stuck in this unpleasant not-doing but also not-not-doing. Do I take the day off in earnest or work in earnest? The library is closed, but is my build

New Year's Posters

--> Two years ago's propaganda posters were the best--they were good looking and reminded me of what I wanted to do with my year, so I decided to go for it again. Blogger has, as usual, ruined everything when you try to upload, but remember that these look awesome in practice. Anyway, all that aside.. This year's New Year's Resolutions posters are themed...Victorian work advertisements! Sport  & Athletics ·      Runs the very Toughest of all Mudders ! ·      Is in fit, fightin’ shape with a slender girlish figure ·      Hikes ONE HUNDRED MILES— with her sister! ·      Runs with unwanted and unkept canines! ·      Finishes the course of Zombies, Run! with glee ·      Works out an hour a day--excepting the Sabbath --> Family and Social ·      Seeks out new friends and friends of friends. ·      Re-reads and practices How to Win Friends and Influence People and its principles! ·