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East Coast Represent!

I've spent some time in NY and some time in DC and I can't shake the vibe that DC is cleaner, nicer and newer. But I also know that I need to like NY --everyone who's anyone is supposed to like NYC. And how can I make a statement about one of the largest cities in the world when there are so many different neighborhoods and cultures? Do cities really have a spirit to them? Or is it just our personal associations with them? Will be back in Provo on the 2nd. Funny I've been gone so long.


A bunch of kids from my theory class were trying to weigh the sincerity of compliments. And the validity of standardized testing. We all ought to be confident enough that we're supersmartypants and besides, it doesn't matter. But how do you know if you're smart enough? Compare and contrast. Pro Con Your professor thinks you're brilliant. Your professor thinks everyone's brilliant. You got a good GRE score. Someone in your class complained about a 780. Your friends love your writing. None of your friends are major journals' editors. You do some things well. You don't do everything perfectly.

I Totally Don't Deserve This

I am mercifully deflected from dejection. Again.

Have You Noticed...?

that I apparently only post whenever there's a crisis. And crisis there always seems to be. I can't get my GRE scores. I know that they're already being sent to the school of my choice, but the school of my choice wants me to write them on the application and I don't know them. Maybe this is fate that I'm not supposed to go there. Or maybe this is just a good lesson on the importance of counting ahead the business days before deadlines. Dang. I hate to have all this worry in vain.