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Ninja Week

I've decided this week is ninja week. Celebrate with me. Ninja-y Things I've Done Today: -wore a black sweatshirt and sandals -ate sushi -listened to a podcast about ninjas -trained like a ninja (lots of balance and kicking at the gym) -bled--okay, at a blood drive It's just just about what you do for ninja week--it's about your ninjattitude. Whatever you do ask yourself: how would a ninja do this?

Who Be Beck? Julie B. Beck

Turns out that Julie B. Beck lives in the same ward as the people who run our stake, so this last week we got President Beck fireside! I was actually really impressed with it. I say "actually" because when I was in the MTC she came to conduct a "Relief Society" with all the sisters and she kept doing really annoying things like asking an open-ended question looking for a specific answer. ("How can we become closer to Christ?" "Service?" "No.") But this fireside was like the complete opposite. She started out by doing a sort of survey of the sisters. How many of us were RMs? How many of us were converts? How many of us were from outside the US? How many of us were going through difficult challenges? ("Only half? Well, just wait," she said.) Then she told us that we're doing this by the Spirit and opened the floor for questions. Straight off the bat, someone asks about getting married. Beck responded with vigor and optimism.